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Q and A with Olivia Munn

So just who is this Olivia Munn?

That’s a great question. I came from a small town in…You’re really gonna ask me that question?

What did I do wrong?

You need to be more specific.

Crap. Okay, how about: “what were you doing before you got the gig hosting Attack of the Show?”

Better. I was born Oklahoma, raised in Japan, and I’ve always done theater, since I was really little. I begged my mother with everything I had in my body to come out to California, and she let me. Last fall I shot my first TV show, a re-occuring character on this new show where I play a 16 year old surfer. She’s called a “Titta” in Hawaiian. Titta means “tough chick” in Hawaian, so I play a tough chick.  I shot that, and I’m about to shoot a movie with Rob Schneider. I booked role in his new movie! It’s called Big Stan, and I play his receptionist, and he’s a sleazy real estate agent.  I had lots of commercial work and print work. Basically, I’m living the life of an actress in L.A. And I’ve recently had some pretty good fortune.

Sounds like things are going along really well. And with the role on Attack of the Show, that’s shooting for the stars.

With the new direction the show is going, it will be going to the stars.

Have you ever done live TV before?

I used to be a sideline reporter for Fox Sports, doing college football, and womens’ basketball courtside, so I’ve done it before. But this is so much easier because I feel much more comfortable with myself. When I was working with Fox Sports, they’d put me in these big jackets—

That’s a crime!

I know! So they’d put me in these big jackets and I’d talk like this (imitating cheesy announcer voice) “So, what were you thinking in the second half when-” and that’s not my voice and not my cadence and I was trying to be something I wasn’t, and that made me really uncomfortable on live TV. But today I did my first Attack of the Show, and I’m a much more chill person now that I know who I am and know my own voice, so I don’t really get nervous with live TV at all.

Not nervous at all? Like even a little bit?

Not at all. I was nervous a little before I came on. Which was a little weird. I didn’t expect it from myself.  I was thinking “Man. It’s live.” Everyone kept asking me, “Are you excited?” The answer was “I’m really looking forward to it and I’m really happy, but being excited and giddy…” I was excited when it happened, when everything worked out with G4, but now I’m like, “Okay. What’s next? What’s next?”  I’m just focused on doing the job and doing it great.

What do you think of your cohost Kevin Pereira so far?

I really like Kevin. Kevin’s like having a brother… I’m sure he doesn’t like for girls to say that to him, but he’s like a brother. You know how some people are really jokey or really giddy, but they’re not naturally like that but trying to be that person? They’re really annoying. But Kevin genuinely is that guy, so it doesn’t annoy me. People can annoy me pretty easily, and I’ll call you on it. But I really like Kevin. He’s down-to-earth, and he is who he is. He’s just a really sweet guy.

Are you the same off camera as you are on-camera?

I am. I can’t imagine being any other way. I might smile a little more on-camera. You’ll have to tell me whether I’m the same or not.

What do you think of Sarah Lane?

Sarah is awesome. What you guys have done in the past is awesome. But I’m a completely different person, and the show is going in a totally new direction, so I tried to not watch too many of the shows. I mean, I watched it enough to get familiar with it, but I don’t want to be thinking of what you used to do. It’s a new day. G4’s going to a new level, and I hope that I start off on that next level and keep going. I don’t want to mimic anyone. If I was to watch Sarah a lot, I might start to mimic her.

So you’re also hosting Formula D

Yes. I think I’m doing every show you guys have and the Website. I’m going to be doing your job next. In fact, lemme sit down at your desk and get started. Seriously, I started to watch some Formula D videos from last year, and I turned it off so I wouldn’t imitate how that reporter was doing it and that’s just not me.

What will you bring to Attack of the Show?

That’s a hard question. I hope I bring a new breath. A different angle. I’ll bring something really cool to the show.  I hope to bring more viewers. I’m a different kind of girl. I think, just from talking with the people at G4,  I embody what they want for the next level. I hope I bring that. A new look, a new feel, a new voice.  Okay. I’m done answering this question.

Tell me about the new voice you’ll bring.

I’m really sarcastic. Not Morgan Webb sarcastic. She’s dry, 100%. I’m different from her. You’ll see!

I have one more question, on behalf of the entire Internets that will read this and look at your picture: Can I take you out for a hamburger sandwich or a chicken dinner?

I love chicken!

Is that a “yes”?


You hear that, the internets?! Sweet!

I love chicken. That’s the way to my heart. Hey, wanna hear me beatbox?

Hell yeah.

(At this point, Olivia delivers a three minute human beatbox routine that is the sweetest thing you’ll ever hear. Audio file coming soon.)

Can I change my last question about the chicken dinner?


Will you marry me instead?


You hear that, The Internets? Eat it, bitches!

I’m really easy, by the way. Seriously.

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